What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is quickly becoming one of the hottest methods for advertising a business or website online. The concept involves writing articles relating to your business or niche and then having them placed on various sites across the internet. The articles usually contain one or two links, each contained within specific keyword sets and pointing back to your main website. The more articles you are able to place on websites related to your niche, the higher your odds of increasing the search engine rankings of your own website.

The articles you write for your article marketing campaign must be keyword focused. They should include the keywords and keyword phrases you have opted to use in your search engine optimization campaign, and your keywords should be used as anchor text when creating links back to your website as well. Your articles should contain valuable information pertaining to your field of expertise so that your readers will learn to trust your opinion and, as a result, move directly from your article to your website for more information.

Most people participating in article marketing plans will write a few articles and place them on websites like EzineArticles or Article Dashboard. Websites like these allow other users to take your article and place it on other websites, providing they leave your author biography and backlinks as they appear in your original work. Sites like these are a great start, but they’re not always effective in distributing your articles and some other networks are beginning to label these sites as “spammy” and as “content mills.

While some people fear that the constant reposting of an article will cause duplicate content issues within Google, others avoid the issue by posting articles in places other than article directories.

There are hundreds of content creation websites on the Internet. Many invite visitors to create accounts and post articles at will. Posting articles on sites like these (including HubPages, Yahoo Shine!, and WordPress) will allow you to build a library of quality backlinks – links Google will rank quickly and value as you work towards marketing your website.

There are several ways to go about article marketing. You can write the articles yourself, write one and have it rewritten or spun, or simply hire a ghostwriter to create the content for you. Regardless of the method you choose for having the content created, article marketing will prove itself a valuable tool for building quality backlinks while building your company’s reputation.

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