The Pros and Cons of PLR

Purchasing private label rights (PLR) articles for your website or article marketing campaign has a number of pros and cons. Make sure you consider both sites of the equation before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

The Negative Aspects of PLR

The negatives aspects of PLR are few, but they’re significant. The most important thing to remember is that private label articles are not unique. The articles you purchase have been sold to dozens, maybe even hundreds, of other buyers. Some will use them properly, editing them and modifying them considerably before publication, but others will not.

You will have to put a considerable amount of effort into modifying the content you purchase to make it unique. You may need to add subheadings, reorganize the order of the content, and re-optimize the text with the keyword phrases you have chosen to use in your marketing campaign. You will also need to completely rewrite the title. This will take quite a bit of time, but will still take less time than the research to write a completely new article on your own. In the end, you’ll still have a valuable article to present your readers.

The Positive Aspects of PLR

The positive attributes far outweigh the negatives. First, you’ll save both time and money. As noted above, editing PLR content will take some time, but not nearly as much as researching and writing a unique article on your own. You’ll also save money. Having a ghostwriter create a quality article on your behalf can cost anywhere from $5-$20 or more, depending on the quality of the writer. Even if you don’t rewrite the article on your own, hiring a ghostwriter to edit an existing article will cost far less.

If you pull an article from an article marketing directory, like EzineArticles, you’ll be obligated to include another person’s links on your site. Purchasing private label rights articles will not obligate you to include third party links when you publish the articles, regardless of where you choose to put them.

Using PLR articles will also give you the opportunity to brand your name or business. Using articles from article marketing directories may obligate you to publish another person’s name. Editing a PLR article gives you the right to put your own name on it, passing it off as something you have written. As long as the information in the article is accurate and professionally presented, you should have no issue adding your name to the content you publish.

Private label rights articles offer inexpensive, high-quality alternatives to hiring copywriters or writing new articles on your own. Search for quality PLR writers with a good reputation and you’ll soon have all the content you need.

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