5 Tips for Utilizing Social Media in Business

Social media is here to stay, and if you want to utilize any type of social networking in your marketing campaign, you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most of your time and efforts. Here are ten things to keep in mind as you start spending more time online.

5. Remain Focused

Don’t start using social networking sites unless you have a specific focus. Are you looking to build your business brand or are you looking to launch a specific product? Do you simply want to drive traffic back to your regular website? Know what you’re after, and pay attention to how using social networking or other social media platforms affects those goals.

4. Be Real, but Be Professional

There are things you should and should not share on social networking sites. Keep personal details about your life personal. Share only what you would stand up in front of a stadium full of people and shout through a loud speaker. Everyone will be watching to see what you say. Keep your relationships as professional as possible.

3. Be Prepared for Criticism

There’s an old adage that says that the majority of people won’t talk about their good experiences, but that most will talk about a bad experience. The good news is that, without the internet, the people who had bad experiences were limited when it came to who they could tell. If you start using social media, everyone who has a bad experience (or what they perceive to be a bad experience) will start talking about it publicly. You’ll need to be a) prepared to deal with criticism in a professional manner and b) ready to handle complaints from your customers that you receive via your social media platforms.

2. Avoid an Aggressive Attitude

Yes, social networking is great for marketing and promotion, but the people you network with don’t want to receive a barrage of promotional offers every single time they visit your site. They want information – facts and informative articles they can use not only to decide whether or not they want your products, but that they can later use when determining how reputable you are and whether or not they’ll purchase from you.

1. Offer Special Discounts to Followers

Make sure your social networking fans know how much you appreciate them. Offer an occasional discount, freebie, or special deal to those who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or the networking site of your choice. They’ll a) love the perks and b) encourage others to follow you as well.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time building your brand online, and be prepared to meet and deal with all types of people – both happy and not with you and your company. Social media is a valuable tool, but only when used effectively.

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