Is Your Business Blogging? 5 Reasons You Should Be

Is Your Business Blogging? 5 Reasons You Should Be

By now you’re probably thinking that creating a blog sounds like a lot of fun but if you’re an entrepreneur we know you’re asking yourself another question. Why should I blog? We’re going to give you five good reasons today.

5. Staying in Line with the Competition

The truth of the matter is this – if you don’t blog you’re soon going to find that your competitors are bloging. Blogging really gives businesses an advantage, allowing them the opportunity to get in touch with their customers on a personal level. Blogging will show your potential customers that you’re not stuck in the ice age and that you know how to take advantage of modern technology. If your potential clients had to choose between your blogging competitor and your non-blogging business, which do you think they would lean towards?

4. Increasing the Google PageRank of Your Website

Blogging will help you to increase the overall Google PageRank of your website and, in turn, will  drive new traffic towards your business. A good blog, especially one that constantly updates with fresh, relevant content, will garner the attention of search engine web crawlers. People who like your site might even link back to it, making it even more popular. Eventually, as they begin to index your pages and your site becomes more popular, your website will begin to appear closer and closer to the top of search engine result pages.

3. Corporate and Product Public Relations

Blogging gives you, as a business owner, the opportunity to talk about your products or services while at the same time building your brand. You should take advantage of this opportunity to talk to the public about the things you do. They’re never going to get a more honest or accurate story than the one that comes directly from you.

2. Positive Customer Relations

If a customer has a bad experience with one of your products what will he do? Chances are he’s going to go his own blog or to some other forum and vent about how terrible your products or services are. The problem with this is that you might never find out about his issues. If you have your own blog that same customer will probably visit your site and make a comment. You an use this opportunity to address his concerns, rectify the problem, and enhance what might have otherwise been a bad customer experience. Who knows – he might even go on to post about how helpful you were in the end.

1. Surveying the Playing Field

The #1 reason for starting a corporate blog is the advantage it gives you when it comes to understanding what your customers and prospects think not just about you but about your competitors as well. By providing great information on your own blog you will encourage those who visit to start their own conversations in the comments. They’ll tell you exactly what they think and you will eventually be able to use their opinions and ideas when formulating your next customer service strategy or when planning your next product upgrade.

Businesses with active websites and blogs have a huge advantage over the competition. It’s not difficult to create a blog and business that do find that they are constantly at the forefront and, because the provide valuable information, are more likely to gain the respect of their customers and peers.

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