What is Private Label Rights (PLR) Content?

Private label rights articles are articles created by a third party and made available for public use. The creator of the article assigns PLR rights to the articles, giving those who legally obtain or purchase the articles the rights to modify the articles, republish them, resell them, or use them for any other purpose.

PLR articles are great for website owners who simply don’t have the time to create content for their websites or article marketing campaigns. While they make the content creation process simpler, it is important to remember that multiple parties are given access to the same articles. If they are not modified before publication, they’ll look exactly like other versions of the article published on the web, reducing your credibility.

Many site owners opt to use private label rights content for their websites and article marketing campaigns simply because it is inexpensive to obtain. Rewriting articles that already exist is often faster and cheaper than having a new article written. The trick is finding high-quality PLR – articles that are grammatically correct and full of detailed, informative text.

PLR articles vary in price. You’ll find some sites selling PLR for pennies per article, while others will sell PLR packages at higher rates. You’ll often find that the PLR packages being sold at higher rates are being sold in limited quantities – decreasing the odds of you facing duplicate content issues later on if you should publish an article without considerable modification.

Private label rights articles are often misused – reprinted and republished without proper edits. Investing in quality private label rights articles can save you a considerable amount of time and money, but only if utilized properly.

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