How to Furnish Your Home Office on a Budget

How to Furnish Your Home Office on a Budget

When I first decided to work from home, I had very little money for start-up costs. We had just moved to an apartment with two bedrooms so that one could be used as an office and I already had a basic desk and set-up for my computer and printer. Still, there were some other office items I needed and I needed to find them on the cheap. If you find yourself in the same situation, consider the following.

Yard and Estate Sales

Yard sales and estate sales are great for finding office furniture and cabinets. Yard sales are great because people want to get rid of their old furniture and aren’t too concerned about recouping their original expenses or turning a profit. Estate sales are great because most of what you’ll find is in very good condition, only being sold because of a death and house sale. You may pay a bit more at an estate sale but you’ll spend less than purchasing brand new.

Trash Picking and Dumpster Diving

Don’t even pretend to be shocked. We all do it. We pass by a house with tons of stuff piled up outside for the garbage man and we definitely take a close look – especially if we see furniture. I am not ashamed to say that some of the nicest shelving pieces I have in my office are the result of picking things out of a dumpster. You’d be surprised at how lazy people can be when they want to simply get rid of something told to replace it with something new. My shelving has absolutely no marks, dents, or damage. The old owners were just done with it.

Discount Furniture Warehouses

Look around for discount furniture stores. They often have a mixed bag of items but they’re trying to get rid of leftovers from higher end stores and you’ll often pay a lower price. Look for damage (small scratches) and floor models as well – for office furniture and other household goods. My friends once found a nice set of leather recliner chairs and got them at a discount because they were the floor models and had been slightly used (by customers)!

Store Closing Sales

Sadly, a lot of stores are closing – either a few locations or because they’re going out of business altogether. Look in stores like these for office items, especially as it gets closer to closing. Stores often discount stock more as it gets closer to the official store closing date.

Thrift Stores

Finally, thrift stores are a great place to look for discount furniture. The people who aren’t so lazy as to just throw good furniture away often donate it to charity. You may find some great pieces at your local Goodwill or thrift store and your discounted rate will not only get you some nice furniture but will help you to contribute to a charitable organization as well.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to furnish your home office – and you don’t need to have it all the day you launch your home business. A desk and a chair are all you need to get started. The rest can come later.

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