Guest Posting: The Pros, The Cons, The Life

Guest Posting: The Pros, The Cons, The Life

Guest posting is a tricky subject within the blogging and online marketing world. The point of guest posting is really two-fold. For some it is having the opportunity to share their passions and gain respect as a writer. For others it is sharing information and driving traffic back to other websites. Neither is wrong, but the reason for guest blogging will have a huge impact on the methods you follow.

How I Started Guest Blogging

I got my start in guest blogging in a rather unique way. I was freelance writing for a client and she asked me to write for other websites. She assigned specific topics and showed the websites where my work would be posted. My niche was travel at the time and she wanted to drive traffic from travel blog articles to her commercial travel site.

While writing these articles I began researching the subject of guest blogging and its role in the world of social crm and SEO. I had my own website but lacked authority in my field, and didn’t have much of a following. I reached out to a few low-key bloggers with quality sites and asked if I could contribute to their sites. The goal was to build a reputation for myself as an informative writer.

The Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging

The downsides of guest blogging are few, but very specific. I spend a lot of time researching websites and writing detailed and personalized queries I send to site owners. Some welcome guest blogging while others are less than kind; many say thanks but no thanks while others are rude. Once a man threatened to “give my name to the bloggers who oust and publicly humiliate people” if I contacted him again. Such a nasty response to someone offering essentially free content!

The other drawback relates to promotion: while many bloggers welcome your post, not all will link back to the site you are promoting. This is especially true in the financial sector where competition for bank and loan websites is fierce. Some ask for sponsorship fees to have links included in the articles. While still helpful, if it isn’t marked as a sponsored post it betrays the spirit of guest blogging.

Despite the downsides the benefits of guest blogging are grand. Along the way I’ve established a number of awesome relationships with talented writers and bloggers. Some I have worked with only once, but I have an on-going business relationship with many others, who welcome my work. Through comments and emails I have enjoyed building relationships with their communities.

Where Will I Go Next?

Some days are easier than others. In the world of guest blogging rejections pile up. I reminding myself I am not the only one. There are others who will welcome the opportunity to partner with me. And that’s what I’m doing – partnering with others, working together for mutual benefit. I receive exposure and the site owner receives focused, quality content.

Guest posting helps me grow as a freelance writer and helps my clients spread the word. Guest posting on specific niches is growing in popularity. At the end of the day I hope to continue guest posting, writing quality web content for friends, and expand my expertise into new areas for years to come.

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