Installing the Google Sitemap Generator

The Google Sitemap Generator plugin for WordPress allows bloggers to create XML-Sitemaps of their blogs. Sitemaps are important for search engine optimization because they automatically notify search engine web crawlers when new pages, posts, and other forms of information are added to a website. The sitemap will give the search engines valuable information regarding the last time each page on your site was updated, how often it is usually updated, and how important it is compared to other pages on your website.

Web crawlers usually learn about new website pages after finding links to them on other sites. Including a XML-Sitemap ensures you won’t have to rely on others linking back to individual pages on your site. While having an XML-Sitemap doesn’t guarantee your page will be indexed by search engines it significantly increases your chances of being listed by making the job of the web crawler easier.

The features of the Google Sitemap Generator plugin for WordPress include:

  • The ability to customize all sitemap parameters
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Automatic calculation of the priority each post should receive
  • Automatic notification to Google, MSN Live Search,, and YAHOO, and other search engines
  • …and much more!

Every single time you add a new post or page, or update an existing one, your sitemap will automatically be updated and the search engines will be notified. Most webhosts who wish to create a blog include this plugin. It is compatible with WordPress versions 2.1 and over.

For additional information and download instructions: Google XML Sitemaps

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  1. Thanks Deb! After reading this post I realized I had the wrong plug-in installed on my site!

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