10 Ways to Effectively Use PLR Content

Now that you have a file folder full of PLR articles, you need to figure out how to use them in a way that supports your online marketing initiative. The more creative you can be with your content, the more time and money you’ll be able to save. Consider the following:

  1. Rewrite and reuse each PLR article you purchase as often as possible. Don’t just rewrite the article once. Rewrite each article anywhere from 3-5 times, creating unique articles with each revision. The longer the article, the easier it is to get multiple versions without creating duplicate content.
  2. Use your PLR articles to create small e-books and e-reports. Putting the articles together into one, easy-to-follow document will give you an informational product you can give your readers for free or sell for a premium.
  3. Break the content into smaller bits of information, pulling out the most important facts. Use those facts to create posts you can use on your Twitter account, adding links to your site at the end of each post.
  4. Use your edited PLR content to create automatic email messages you can broadcast to your email list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The informative emails will keep you in touch with your prospective and current clients, letting them know you care enough to share valuable information on a regular basis.
  5. Create a package of informative PLR articles and give them away as a bonus gift to those who purchase your products or services. Your clients will appreciate the added touch.
  6. Use your edited or rewritten PLR articles to create press releases. Add information specific to your business while using the PLR content to generate interest in your niche.
  7. If your website has a forum, use your PLR content to create posts and encourage discussions.
  8. Take a rewritten PLR article and submit it to a newspaper, newsletter, or as a guest post on a blog in a similar niche.
  9. Use the articles to create HubPages or Squidoo lenses with links pointing back to your website. Make sure you add videos, Amazon modules, and other information that will engage your readers and encourage them to visit your main website.
  10. Find some images and use the PLR content to create audio for a series of video blogs or YouTube videos. Videos are becoming increasingly popular, and adding a few to your website or marketing campaign will significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

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