Installing Easy Tube

Installing Easy Tube

Have you ever tried to imbed a YouTube or Google video on your blog only to find yourself lost in a maze of HTML coding? The EasyTube plugin for WordPress was designed to make it easy for site owners and bloggers to imbed videos into their pages and posts with very little effort.

Once the plugin is installed you’ll activate it through your blog’s plugin menu. When it’s time to add a video to your post you’ll simply have to switch from the visual editor to the HTML editor, insert a set of brackets with the word ‘youtube’ and include the site address for the video between the code. The code will end up looking like this (with, of course, the link you want to use in place of the one shown):

Once you’ve finished, switch back to the visual editor in WordPress, continue editing your post, and publish or save it as usual. When the post publishes it you will see the video exactly where you placed the code. The code will automatically place a preview image of the video into your RSS feed as well.

You don’t need to know a ton about how to create a blog to get one up and running. With plugins like EasyTube your the learning curve is shortened even more.

For additional information and download instructions: EasyTube

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