Do You Use Good Workplace Ethics?

I’ve never had a job where ethics and politics didn’t eventually blur. While most people tend to start out with good intentions, the desire to get a rise or promotion eventually clouds good judgment. Any individual who can maintain an ethical stance while moving up the corporate ladder deserves credit. It’s not easy. If you’re in an office environment, good workplace ethics are paramount. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Know Your Company’s Policies

Does your company have written ethics policies? If so, know them. Ethics policies can range from anything from sharing information with those outside the workplace to the way you act towards other employees. Harassment of any kind is always considered an ethics violation.

Always Write Honest Reports

We all know those who want to get ahead. Ethical employees work hard and produce results, reporting on them honestly whether they were the results intended or not. Unethical employees will fake their numbers and results to make it look as though they’ve done something they haven’t.

Stop Gossiping

Gossip is a huge no-no in the workplace. It is one thing to be in a management position and have discussions with human resources or other managers while determining an employee’s fate. It is another to allow a team member to have a closed-door session in which he tells you someone else’s private information. If you have a team member like this, remember that he’ll be just as willing to talk about you as he is to talk about others; and his intentions are only to better his own position.

Treat All Requests Fairly

Let’s say you enter the office one morning, boot up your online support software, and see inquiries from two different team members. Each have important questions or requests and each have different reputations within the workplace. Who are you going to answer first? The one with the most important question or the one with the biggest mouth for spreading lies around the workplace? Prioritize based on the needs of your team, not the needs of each individual.

Monitor Your Files Carefully

In order to maintain good ethics in the workplace, your employees must know what you expect from them. Have a system in place for checking work and for monitoring your financial books. Make sure your employees know these systems are in place. Knowing they’ll be monitored will keep them in check.

Many people toe a fine line when it comes to ethics. Do your best to work as ethically as possible and your team will follow your example.

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