Choosing Unique Gifts for Your Employees

Choosing Unique Gifts for Your Employees

Not sure what to get your employees and clients for the holidays? If you’re working closely with a small group of people, they’ll definitely appreciate a tokenism showing how much you care. You don’t need to spend a fortune, either. Here are a few ideas.

Amazon Gift Cards

If you aren’t sure what to get your employees and don’t want to box them into categories by getting them all the same trinket, give you Amazon Gift Cards. They’ll enjoy being able to choose their own gift and they’ll be appreciative of the gesture.

Everybody Eats

You really can’t go wrong with a food related gift. Specialty chocolates, gift certificates to local restaurants, and even a bottle of wine show that you’re thankful for your employees and appreciate their services. They can also use the food to alleviate holiday party expenses or to enjoy a quiet night out with a spouse, something they may not usually be able to do on their regular budget.

Gift Baskets

Depending on the size of your organization and your budget, you might want to send gift baskets to your employees. I once had a wonderful manager send me a fantastic can of snack goodies. It arrived at my home and was filled not only with popcorn but with packaged cookies, candies, and other food items. It was a welcome and appreciated treat. You can find and order all kinds of gift baskets, ranging from chocolates to Tastykakes – just about anything you can imagine.

Personalized Gifts

If you need to buy for a lot of people, things you can order in bulk are probably more cost effective. You can order bulk gifts with a personalized feel, though. Business card holders, customized gift cards, and personalized gift baskets with books and CDs or games can be very thoughtful – and they’re usable.

Fun and Friendly

One year, I came to work and found a small portable DVD player on my desk. My manager had purchased one for each of us (a team of 4). They were thoughtful gifts and it turned out to be something I used frequently in my home – especially after my old DVD player died. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on unique items. You do need to keep your eyes peeled for great bargains while you’re out shopping.

Go to Lunch

If you’re the manager of a small group, take your team out to lunch. Get approval to take your team offline for more than the standard lunch hour, too. They’ll appreciate being able to really relax while socializing and enjoying a meal – all without the stress of watching the clock and wondering what’s next on the online project management task list.

Take some time to think of gifts that will show how much you appreciate your employees as people – not just as team members. They’ll appreciate your consideration and you’ll have a great holiday season together.

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  1. Nice gifts for the Employees, thanks for suggesting.

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