Blogging – What is it?

Blogging – What is it?

A blog is, simply put, another word for weblog. That term really doesn’t mean anything unless you understand what it means to blog. Blogging is a form of online communication. Where we once used diaries, emails, old fashioned bulletin boards, and standard letters we now use blogs to share information. The Internet allows us to communicate with people all over the world – whether they’re individuals with likeminded interests or businesses we wish to network with.

Blogs themselves didn’t come into existence until the mid-1990′s. In the beginning they were only used as personal diaries where individuals could share their thoughts and receive comments from their readers. As the internet grew businesses began to realize the value of blogging. They soon learned that instead of hosting simple static websites they could also incorporate blogging – giving them an opportunity to reach out to their consumers, gather their feedback, and earn their respect in a way that was at that point unprecedented.

Today you’ll find that both individuals and businesses are using blogs to express their personal opinions, advertise products, or show their support for different causes. Some blogs feature simple text posts while others incorporate images, videos, or a combination of all three. Some people update their blogs daily while others only update 1-3 times per week. The choice is up to you and as long as you keep up a regular posting schedule you’ll eventually find more an more people are drawn to your blog.

Blogs are customizable, too – making it easy for you to create a blogthat represents your ideas, opinions, or products in the most effective way possible. There are dozens of free blogging services available online but if you’re building a blog for your business you’re probably better off installing a blogging platform on your own domain.

Regardless of the type of blog you choose to write we’re sure you’ll find blogging to be a fun and productive way of spreading the word – no matter what your purpose!

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