Why You Should Have an Article Marketing Campaign

By now you’re probably thinking that article marketing sounds great, but that it also sounds like a lot of work. The truth is that online businesses can quickly fade into the background if they aren’t marketed carefully. The articles you use as part of your article marketing campaign will provide you with a number of benefits.

Establishing Credibility

The articles you post online will help to establish you as an expert in your niche or area of expertise. The valuable information you provide in each of your articles will not only show your readers and potential customers that you know your stuff, but will also help you to build a trusting relationship. When your potential clients need your services in the future, they’ll think of you.

Free Publicity

Unless you’re paying a ghostwriter to create your articles for you, article marketing is 100% free. Even if you are paying someone to write the articles, the amount of publicity you gain from them will be invaluable – far more valuable than the cost of simply having the article written to begin with. If you stick strictly to article distribution sites, like EzineArticles or GoArticles, you could easily find your article reprinted on dozens of other blogs and websites – with your links intact. The more backlinks you create for your website, the more the search engines will value your web presence.

Content is King

The Internet is driven by content. It’s the stuff that good websites and blogs are made of. As such, search engines value high-quality articles over websites full of advertisements, flash images, and link lists. Having links to your site placed within a quality articles will prove more valuable over time than simply having a few links placed on a link list, blogroll, or directory of websites.

Article marketing certainly has its share of benefits. The articles you post are permanent, improve the credibility of your online presence, and will help you to maintain your search engine rankings over time.

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