Meet the Team

My name is Deborah Dera and I am the founder and owner of Write on the Edge. I’ve been writing blog content and articles for almost a decade and I love helping new bloggers and business owners create an online presence. Before I left the corporate world to focus on writing, I spent 10 years in the field of insurance. I have a strong background in not only insurance writing, but in writing on topics concerning personal finance, credit repair, bankruptcy, and related niches. I’m also a certified massage therapist and martial artist with a strong background in health, wellness, and alternative therapies. There are very few subjects that I can’t write about fluently and I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

While I usually complete all of my projects personally, there are a few exceptions where I’ll ask members of my writing team to help. Don’t worry, though – I’ll always tell you if I am completing something personally or utilizing the rest of my team. My team helps to create the content for guest blogging projects in order to speed up the process of getting articles from my desk and into the hands of the bloggers I work with. This process ensures that the bloggers have enough time to review our work and find ways to naturally incorporate our posts into their publishing schedules.

My fantastic team members are:


Amy B: Amy lives in Western North Carolina and has been a freelance writer since 2006. In that time she has published over 3,000 articles on a variety of topics including business, decorating, finances, food, pets, and health. She has a degree in eCommerce and is the co-owner of the website Modern Day Finance. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her boyfriend and pets, read, and work on crafts.



Holly L.: Holly is a freelance writer and editor with over ten years of professional writing experience and a near-lifetime of writing “for fun.”  She is a Florida transplant who lives in Charlotte, NC, with her two boys and their pet gerbil.  Besides writing and parenting, Holly’s passions include education, exploration, physical fitness, friendship, daydreaming, food (cooking and eating), self-discovery, and all the other things that make life wonderful.