3 Article Marketing Tips

Now that you’re committed to starting an article marketing campaign, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with some of the processes and content creation strategies that will make it a success. This list of tips is in no way exhaustive, but should give you a great foundation as you get started.

Write High-Quality Articles

The articles you include in your article marketing campaign should be of the highest quality possible. They should be around 400-500 words in length, should be optimized to include your site’s main keywords, and should provide valuable information.

Think of your articles the same way you would think of a business card. They’re out on the web representing your website. Quality information will earn the attention of your readers. Fluff and inaccurate information thrown together in order to create backlinks will not. Publish your first article to your favorite article marketing directory.

Create a Compelling Resource Box

The resource box is the area in most article directories in which sites allow authors to include biographies and self-serving links. Self-serving links are considered links to your own websites or sales pages. The author resource box may contain actual information about the writer, or it may contain a short sales pitch encouraging readers to click on your links to obtain more information.

Keep any and all sales pitch wording out of your article and limit it to your article resource box – that’s why it’s there. Your article is giving – giving information to your readers. The article resource box is where you ask your readers to take action.

Rewrite and Republish

Once you’ve written a great article, have it rewritten so that it reads as a completely unique piece of work. You can then take that rewrite and publish it on another article directory site. Make sure that the rewrite is just as informative as the first and make sure it contains the same main keyword phrases as the original.

Rewriting articles into additional content will save you both time and money, freeing space in your budget for other marketing techniques or for additional content creation.

Article marketing is a sure-fire way to drive traffic to your website. Creating content for your article marketing campaign doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. Take your time, create informative content, and prepare to launch your business to the next level.

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